Welcome!, Bienvenidos!

Hey, my name is Daniel and I created this blog because I feel that people in the world, now more than ever, need to gain insight of what it means to be a different person. Some one from a different country, culture, background, and religion. (Hey, Spanish is my first language and most of the people I know speak Spanish, but I am going to be posting both languages because I want the few people I know that only speak English to read and participate in the development of this blog… )  The lack of insight leads to prejudice and prejudice is pretty much ignorance, so my goal with this blog is to encourage people to learn about other people, ideas, and other religions not to convert people or criticize other cultures, but to learn to understand different ideals and traditions. In this blog WE will not discuss any type of alcohol or drugs experiences, fashion, or hollywood-related crap. This blog is aimed to study the essence of what makes us human and the connections we share with one another. GREENNEBULA is about spreading awareness, so you can expect collaborations from different INTERESTING people that I know discussing topics from science and renewable technology to social and religious happenings around the world. If you are someone who knows there is something more to life than having the car and the house but still don’t know what it is, then hopefully GREENNEBULA will provide you with some insight of the different meanings life can have. Thanks for stoping by, hope to see you soon.


Hola, mi nombre es Daniel y yo cree este blog porque pienso que las personas, hoy más que nunca, necesitan entender lo que significa ser otra persona diferente. Alguien de otro país, cultura y religión. (Español es mi primera lengua pero escribo en los dos idiomas porque quiero que las personas que conozco que hablan solo ingles puedan venir y colaborar en el desarrollo de este blog.) La falta de conocimiento lleva al prejuicio y prejuicio es prácticamente ignorancia. Así que mi meta con este blog es motivar a las personas a conocer más de otras vidas, culturas y religiones, no para convertir a nadie o para criticar, sino para aprender a entender diferentes estilos de vida y tradiciones. En este blog no vamos a hablar de alcohol o drogas, moda o cosas relacionadas con hollywood. Este blog es para estudiar esa esencia que nos hace humanos y las conexiones que compartimos unos con otros. GREENNEBULA se trata de expandir la conciencia, así que podes esperar colaboraciones de diferentes personas INTERESANTES que conozco discutiendo temas desde ciencia y energía renovable hasta sucesos sociales o religiosos alrededor del mundo. Si eres una persona que sabe que hay más de la vida que solo el carro y la casa pero todavía no sabes que es, entonces espero que GREENNEBULA te dé un poco mas de información de los diferentes significados de la vida.


5 responses to “Welcome!, Bienvenidos!

  1. searching within the heart, with the power of the mind
    finding the bond of being within nonbeing

  2. Life itself is a broad word. It has no definite meaning. I like what Life means to Dictionary.com. They say life is “the animate existence or period of animate existence of an individual.” It’s weird for me to think of myself as an animate individual who is only going to exist for animate amount of time. There is more to life than to just EXIST. History class wouldn’t exist if the world didn’t consist of individuals who believe that life consists of more than just occupying space. They believe they are here to serve a purpose adjacent to what life brings from the onset. Life as I believe is a continuous battle between you and yourself. Ex. Life is not hard on you, you are hard on you. The moment you blame ‘Life” for the life you have, that is the moment you decided that life is not in your grasp. You are not in control of the ultimate result if there is any results expected. This is where the cheesy saying comes in. ” Life is what you make of it”. Cheesy but true.

    • Hey Raf, I completely agree with you in that life is not a simple thing, its meaning can’t be recorded in words of a dictionary either. I believe that the fact the we EXIST means that we are not part of the much larger group of NON-Existence (my friend Claudio Kriegel will share with us in the future more on this philosophy of the Vedas, ancient inhabitants of the Hindus Region). I like to think of life as a tiny beam of light shinning in the vast darkness of non-existence, and this implies that we must have a purpose of existence. But, life is not on our hands, the universe moves in its own pace and we must trust and have faith on the future in order to achieve our enlightenment. There will be a post about your comment next week having more people giving their points of view on this, so I hope to see you soon bro., Daniel.

  3. vergon men, esto va a estar bueno… cual es el primer tema???

    • Que buena pregunta Sebastian, pues quiero poner una tipo entrevista con un chero que es de Tunisia, el pais al lado de Egipto que comenzo las revoluciones del medio oriente. El es un fisico aqui en LA y a ver que nos cuenta de lo que esta pasando ahi…gracias por el comment men! ,Daniel

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