Music = Divine Sound

One of my best friends and musician friend, Francis Escalante has showed me how Music speaks to human emotions and how it communicates deeper meanings. This meanings can never be recorded in any language of the world, rather connects us to the divine.  FRANCIS’ new song “Sea of Miracles” is a song that intentionally guides the listener towards a higher level of awareness and transmit a message far beyond its lyrics.

Hi, My name is Francis, I’m 20 years old and live in El Salvador. I love to express myself within music. With Teo and other friends, we know that music is much more than a simple way of having fun and being distracted for a while, it becomes part of your life when you approach to it as a way of learning, about many things, but mostly, about yourself. In many occasions we have met and through music we have managed to exchange some kind of knowledge that feeds us and provides us further possibilities to keep on developing a “consciousness of the universal truth” ..

Through our own experiences, other’s, shared information, spontaneous expressions, etc.., we find ourselves exploring this “truth” that always ends up revealing more than what we expect and believe. Personally, it amazes me to find that beyond human reasoning, IT exists., it reaches the divine, the eternally beautiful, and we find that it is unmeasurable, but at the same time so simple.. near, but it seems sooo far away. In a world that has forgotten to think and to look beyond social context to discover their true identity.

It is due to the lack of awareness of this truth why we prefer to live surrounded by religions or living religiously instead of living the truth and feel surrounded by its light of redemption. Truth gives more than what a society can offer and it deserves open-minded people, that beyond religion, truly learn to live attached to its existence in its higher purity.

“What matters, is not being correct… But deeply free”

– Francis Escalante.

Go to : Sea of Miracles POEM by Francis Escalante. to know more about the creative process behind this great song!


2 responses to “Music = Divine Sound

  1. “In a world that has forgotten to think and to look beyond social context to discover their true identity”

    music is a tool, can either be used for good or for evil. when we understand this, we become aware of the power of music. Francis is a pioneer in El Salvador, standing up for PEACE, CHANGE, LOVE, and UNITY. People need to stand up for a world of communion and respect for others. But, what is important is to act, and as Francis is acting in favor of this values, what are WE doing? and what are the consequences of our actions?

  2. “we prefer to live surrounded by religions or living religiously”

    I agree that some religions seem somewhat counter-productive to our growth and further understanding of the universe. Our world’s society has us believing we are not worthy of receiving all the infinite good available to everyone. However, music and the vibrations around us are something everyone allows in their life and appreciates its power and existence. Music is a pathway to greater understanding, as mentioned. Nice site!

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