Cycle of Being

Are we approaching a time of chaos in our history? Is the Mayan calendar really predicting the end of an era of human kind by 2012? Is the coming of Christ and the beginning of the Apocalypse just around the corner?

The truth is, something is around the corner and in the following months and years crucial events will continue to happen around the world. It is hard to put things into perspective and see how several events happening in the world today could lead to a catastrophic future. I’ll do my best to explain what is just a possibility.

Consider the following concept – If humans are conscious of rationality, a method or a theory “in which the criterion of the truth is not sensory but intellectual and deductive” or the process in which we arrive to a conclusion, then this means the Supreme Creator has to be above rationality, because He is above us. He transcend rational thinking and goes to the Supreme Truth. This means that if we have a concept of what justice is, HE is justice, HE is the perfect abstract of any idea that we have. He will not let something ‘unfair’ happen to us, because If it seems unfair to us, limited-minded creations, it is more than unfair to the Supreme God. Then there must be an explanation for what we think are “arbitrary” disasters.

Earthquakes or other natural disasters usually take a form of theological inquiries. People from the church start asking questions such as why these events happen and why “innocent” people die, arguing that disasters might be “Unfair”. The men of God are bombarded with these hard questions about the cause of natural disasters, the truth is, they don’t know…No one knows. They look within and with fear inquire to God in their prayers.

But there is some ‘logic’ behind these events, but our physical eyes cannot see it. If God is Justice and IS truth, then there is a cause for natural disasters making them not random “arbitrary” events, but the effect of a cause.

The cause of natural disasters is us. Human development and history. It is naive to think that human beings govern the earth, and that Science knows everything…If science knew just a small fraction of what really happens in our reality, then an antidote for HIV/AIDS or malaria would have been already developed.

Our decisions in the past centuries have unstable the balance. People have forgotten of their purpose and were attracted to materialism and consumerism. If this is the case,then the Balance needs to be restored.

Something is around the corner, Protests sparking up around the globe, economic meltdown, and natural disasters do not happen for no reason, it would be unrealistic  to assume that things happen arbitrarily. (If nature is perfect, then every layer of reality is perfect to a degree.) This events are happening to make humans tremble, and fear, so that we can stop for a second and think about the things that really matters. By doing so, we would would be reminded of the purpose.


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