How the World Works

In our world, the question of right and wrong is still a constant threat to the stability and peace of mankind. We still haven’t discovered that we are all right, and we are all wrong.

This week, the 66th United Nations General Assembly took place in UN headquarters in New York. Presidents of around the world spoke about their views on how the world is currently working, and how it should be.

We all have our own views, but it is not about judging the other for his views; it’s about understanding and accepting our differences. It’s time to discover a new way of life, a new beginning of hope and love.

The world belongs to all, because we all belong to the earth. Life is the most amazing gift of the Creator, to live in peace and love is the path towards the perfect death. To experience an spiritual life, not material.

Times are changing; this is it, a new beginning. We are able to experience this singular moment in history. Today you decide what actions to take; you decide how you are going to feel and what you want to learn.

Let’s raise our eyes and observe how nature works, understand the truth that lies behind all apparent lies. The truth that is within us: the unchangeable and peaceful truth of life.

World governments will start accepting the undeniable truth that we rely on one another to survive. There is a reason why we are all different, it’s because we are meant to have different views. That is the beauty of nature and the beauty of God.

We accept and promote a shift of mentality towards our world, and towards ourselves. To live in peace and harmony is not a utopian dream, it’s the next step. We just haven’t learned to achieve it.



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