What are musicians made of?

In my opinion, there are two kinds of “musicians.” Those who watch MTV and see their favorite band and say to themselves “I want to become a musician like them, so that I can have the fame and money they have.” In the other hand, are those who from an early age understand that music is a divine skill. A skill that can have a profound impact in a critical moment of a person’s life.

What does it take for a person to love music so much to decide to become a musician?

I know it takes love for music and hard work. Juan Salinas, a close friend of mine, is one of those few who love music so much that has decided to study and become a professional musician.

I want to introduce the work of this great artist. Juan Salinas has gone a long way improving his skills and developing his talent. His vision is to be able to share the message that music carries. The message of love.

This is one of my favorite Juan Salinas’s performances. “Inevitable”:

It takes Love, Peace, and Passion to become a real musician.

To hear more of Juan Salinas:


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