Aditi Chetan Atman Chandrakant(Boundless Conscious Soul Beloved by the Moon)

So here… the moon has grown tonight

Many of us today are urging for a new way.| We reinvent ourselves. Pierce through the common avenues|.|Comprehend the truth of yourselves, the time has come to understand|.|Underneath cold layers of control, man remains free within his soul|. Synchronicities abound, suddenly experience the light in sound.

My own reality reshapes itself decidedly, forewarning the coming of colossal  magnitudes of change|the feeling that comes and goes, as do friend and foe|

There is no objective truth as I sail in this vast sea of subjectivity. What we call objective truth is a reflection of the truth within us all. Infinite possibilities of manifestation and creation. The understanding that reflects the true nature of being. When was the last time I saw you singing? songs flow, they make you glow|they make you know|release control|

Content as I go, becoming the ancient soul|the path uncertain|remove the curtain|third eye envision|unite the fissure|open to love in experience|

Darkness and Light reconnect in the Heart <–> harmonize with the wave of Love.


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