today in a conversation about the idea of “someone who doesnt deserve respect..”

who deserves to be respected?

he who respects, we concluded

we claim to be innocent when confronted with nature, “just a modern citizen living an innocent life”, when our collective action is of disrespect toward the Earth, yet, we seem to think that we deserve the respect of nature. Complaining about the evils of the world that were caused by our lack of understanding in regard to the harmonic way of being in relation to nature,, individuals entertain the thought that it isn’t fair for humanity to suffer as a result of their mal-intended actions.

If nature is to respect us and provide us healing that we need to purify our life, we must respect ourselves and we must respect nature. Our consciousness has to have the intent to experience all that is, to connect to the unity of all and to be the unity of all; we must have the intent to work with nature, for the betterment of us all.

As a consequence of respecting nature and ourselves, we come to respect everything and every person because, ultimately, each entity in the universe is interconnected and for that reason each is to be respected . Through the awareness of the unity of life springs mutual respect among natural beings and the individual who respects comes to be respected.

To respect nature is to respect ourselves.

Let’s become one with ourselves :)


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