The Greater World

-Dan T.

The greater world. The future seems so present. Modernity is, literally, at the tips of our fingers. Advances in all branches of our civilization reflect the human being’s natural unsatisfied desire for MORE. But a question infrequently rumbles our minds, a question that seems so obvious yet for an unattended reason we unconsciously give little attention to. Where Are We Going As A Human Race?

The greater world is not a fictitious thought about a world outside of ours. Quite the opposite, it aims to describe the reality of our world, the paradoxical reflection of our “own individualistic world”.

As human beings, we naturally perceive, understand, and interact with the world from an individualistic point of view; the view perceived through our senses. This perception was Physiologically and psychologically designed for us to first understand physical reality and secondly to care for our own well being. In other words, to understand our reality and to survive in it.

Today, one extreme of our human condition, the wealthy, educated, and “civilized” portion of our fellow humans, seem to perceive reality in different terms. It is very explicit the effects of our technological progress when we meet a young mother allowing her 2 year old kid play around in a smart-phone or a tablet.

My thesis is the following: If we embrace the technological advancements of our civilization, which are material and explicitly unsustainable, shouldn’t we embrace, or seek to embrace, a social and cultural evolution of our human race as well?

The greater world is the reality that there is a vast diversity in our globe, and that we should desire to understand more of it, since it will bring an undeniable benefit to our whole civilization. This means not to remain ignorant of diversity, but to constantly be open to cultural learning.

This comes as a consequence of interacting with people that seem so comfortable not knowing the outside world, thinking that their country or ethnicity is the best and for that reason they shouldn’t depend on learning about others.

We are quick to forget that the concept of countries and borderlines was not introduced in our humanity until the 1600s. Meaning that since the dawn of civilization that was not the case; people traveled freely from country to country learning countless languages.

Not to mention that “nationalism” was imposed by governments to the people to defend its leader’s greedy interests…not the people’s.

But, don’t we consider ourselves FREE? We are free, truly free… Except that we let our governments decide what what the word FREE means.

Its time for us to consider something that we can’t afford not considering. Despite our socio-economic status, our minds should understand one thing: there is a world outside of ours, outside our individualistic world not our planet. It is a greater, social, and diverse world that is full of exciting experiences and ideas, a world that will be here before we know it, or maybe it is already here… So let’s open our minds and bodies to it, and experience the next step of human history.


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