Living in Darkness, living in Light: Living Life


Light & Dark

Running away from either side will lead an individual to an unbalanced state of being. The complete self-actualized human being lives darkness and lives light, but does so with love. Harmony between polarities is experienced through the divine love within our heart. Polarities are transcended by riding the wave of this love. In times of sadness we open up to happiness.

In happiness, we neglect sad emotions.. but why do we experience this non-stopping fluctuation between polarities, between ‘good’ and ‘bad’  behaviors?

If we fail to understand the balance, we fail to understand life (life exists because of balance), and consequently we fail to organically grow to a higher level of personal awareness.

Without balance there is no life, since in all levels of existence things ARE because of the harmony between polarities. Think of the “building blocks of life” the Atoms and molecules of elements. Elements bond together because of a balanced distribution of positive and negative ions in a compound, resulting in the creation of a new thing. A perfect one for that matter and purpose. We could talk about many more real examples in which harmony in polarity is crucial and fundamentally necessary to achieve a higher form of existence.

Harmonizing polarities through love is harder than you may think, since unconditional love should be expressed and manifested in every action and behavior. Regardless of being positive or negative, our consciousness should embrace the experiences of “living life” being aware that we are both good and evil; or that ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are 2 constant options in our daily lives.

We make conscious decisions whether to act in a good or in a bad way, depending completely on our intentions and desires. But many people are not even aware of their intentions, many people underestimate the importance of being aware of the intentions that drive our conscious and unconscious behaviors.


First, we have to recognize that we judge with our eyes, as a survival mechanism of humen (plural of human). But we know how limited our physical vision is. We know that. So close your eyes and meditate on the reality of your being, and how fragile it is.

In our fragile states of mind, it is easy to fluctuate in the GOOD and BAD thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Therefore, we must be aware that in order to harmonize polarities in our physical being, we must define and harmonize our spiritual intent. We do this, firstly, by shutting down ALL JUDGEMENT that comes through our eyes. AND shifting the attention to our heart and our soul.

Fiona writes:

Within every soul, there exists an eternal battle between light and darkness. In our weakest moments darkness prevails, and we bury our light in the back of our consciousness. In our weakness, the darkness within us gains strength and grows, feeding itself by our lack of good judgment, our negativity our bad decisions and the introduction of unnatural substances that cloud our judgment. As human beings we struggle with the balancing of these forces…and while darkness takes over us blocking our sensibilities and the good grace of our spirit, making our life ungovernable, we might lose control and we come to the realization of our imperfection…we must remember that this imperfection is the motivation that must keep us going through the eternal search of our inner light….let the light shine, the light we so desperately need to reclaim control of our existence….let the light prevail.


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