A Prayer of Remembrance


A world of Iniquity
Leading up to Infinite Purity
God I seek Your clarity
I seek it in sincerity
So many times I fall
And You lift me with all Your joy
The torments of this life have scarred my insides
And only You are able to transform me
A constant renewal and constant state of arrival
Your Love permeates it all
Your Light awakens us to Life
Lead me to Your paths of Righteousness
Cleanse and spark my consciousness
In alignment with You, oh Omnipresent God
The All-Powerful Jehova
Father of the Skies
Celestial Father of Light
Don’t let me lose sight of Your might
You are my all
My self-expressing whole
You are full, I am empty
You are all, I am nothing
You direct your flight
I merely float in a world of lies
Release all iniquity from within me!
Raise my being! You are all that is!
I am nothing without you
Just another vessel of wrath
But when you fill me, I become
a vessel of Your highest Light
I join You in Your eternal flight
I seek to fly with God, my(our) Father
For I am merely a lost feather
But you are the bird and all that surrounds it
You are the air, You are the sky
You are the Most High
With You there is no lie
With You I am full and darkness is null
Fill me, Fill me, Fill me
With Your highest Light
With the understanding of Divine Sight
With the loving grace that brings True Peace


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