Paradise Garden


See not the plant, but the Spirit of God in the plant,
as the Almighty rests within creation
God manifests through nature and living beings,
moving His Spirit through them, revealing Himself to us
Such joy to sit in nature and be immersed in inner exploration
Seeds growing, flowering; the empowering of a nation
the manifestation of redemption
expiatory justification in the resurrection and subsequent ascension of Jesus
Releasing tension, piercing the veil
Breaking chains
Giving sight to the blind
His light will shine
Receive or wander
Will you listen or will you squander?
Paradise Garden, A Garden of Paradise
That shatters all disguise
There is one way and it is up toward the light
The plants had it right “all I know is grow” they say
Receiving the light and transforming it into Life
So we also be, made to receive God’s Light and transform it into life
Life-giving words
Life-giving Love
Life-giving music
Life-giving light from the Father of the sky who also lives deep inside
Please no longer hide from Him who gave you life
He will get you out of any desert or strife and bring you to waters of eternal life Wondrous life forms coming to inform;
Sounds of nature, peace to the creature
Seek to walk within the sounds of nature
To step into the symphony of God’s creation
Everything sings to Jah
Tuning in, tuning in
Tuning in to life
Tuning in to light
Everything sings to Jah
Tuning in, tuning in
Tuning in to love
Emanating from above
Love, love, love
Pondering, praying as we walk
Each step a sound, each sound a step
Pray and dance throughout this divine romance


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