Sunset in sight

How do you suppose that you can pass this dose?

Will you shift the stance of your pose?

Or proceed with this rebellious dance?

Seeking to go onto trance

In lustful fluctuations of flesh

Desiring to escape 

I need something fresh

A change in derangement of every sense

Corollary experiences of openness

Holy holy holy God Almighty

The only one able to save and end the crave

Cravings of the grave

How shall we continue in sin and the path of the grave?

Why do we deny the counsel of the Most High?

What is this resistance in contention?

Why is this the mark of our generation?

Why arent we seeking more revelation?

This world is raging

God’s light remains

His love still sustains

Yet the world continues to stain

Bringin the heart pain

As we face wwith disdain the coming realities due to our pursuit of things that are vain. 

Powerful waves

Currents drifting away

Sunset in sight

I need insight of the true light


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