Creative Nebula

Creative Nebula- La Creatividad es algo especial. Aquí podes ser libre y expresarte libremente en cualquier manera (dibujo, poema, canción, música y mas)

Gaia vs. The World

gaia vs the world

Pumping Blood— TeoKari

And so look people of the Earth

Follow the Heart Footsteps

Help those you can

Love will never end

Pumping Blood

Cooking food, create sustenance in multi-layered resonance

The availability of the present

Bringing greater access to solarity

Su esplendor ya no desvanece, Solo Crece

I understand lady of the moon.. I’ll be by your side

It is harder than I expected to be far from your life

I am Still

Considerable pressure

Day to day the constant surrender

There always the choice

And always listening to one’s own voice

Listen to the Cosmos

The Han Shan of the Seventh Ray

Ripples in circular plurality

Ripple of the universal identity

Saints and Paint

Create the world

Dissolve all filters of perception

Prepare yourself for greater reception

Strengthen your inner protection

Sol de ayer guianos al nuevo amanecer

Los colores del agua

Te levantan el alma

Sonoro, el grito del mar

Completa Harmonia )i( Daniel Teo

[art] The Flower of Opportunity -.:Teo

The Real Is Within.|.|.|.|.|.|.-Claudio Kriegel.

To a world that brings us down
gives one a frown
the division of love incarcerated
so much distorted convulsions
emerging consciousness of illusions
God fill the gaps and seal the cuts
attempt to harmonize
forces that attempt to desensitize to hypnotize
tired of this disguise
please release control we ask
freedom must take hold
we do not fit in a mold
and our story goes untold
no one listens
no one feels
no one knows
until the truth unfolds
within every movement of their eyes
the real is within
the exterior shape shades the way
distractions surround, details shift your ways
please make room for a sunny day
the real is you, the real is me
the day details separate you and me
we have given up being free.|.

[poema] The Vision – Daniel Teodoro

I close my eyes
listening to that sound,
The one that tells a story;
the story of my life.

From start to end
a point in the universe
a universe so complex,
yet it needs me for a reason.

This sound surrounds my mind,
wraps it up in a state of vision.

I hope that what I see
is what is yet to become.

El Origen de Naatu – Gravisdhi

En una sesión de armonía y melodías, Teo y Claudio exploran la historia de un antiguo personaje indígena que se llama Naatu. Esta historia surge en una improvisación que relata la historia de Naatu mientras el mira al horizonte meditando en el futuro de su tribu Maya y aunque la vida es tan incierta para el, sabe que el secreto de su vida esta en el mismo. En su interior.

[poema] El Recorrido De Una Nube — teo

Gracias— por dejar ser lo que es,
El calor del sol, como sabana
Arropa con calor.

UNO– singular en un mundo multicultural,
Una conexión con t…[keep reading].

New times, new opportunities in the midst of PAST reflections..,.,., Claudio Kriegel

Once again here I am
Shifting through this Self Reorganizing Dream
Ready to clear the patterns of being
To reprogram the way of thinking
Opportunities to l…[keep reading].

[poema] “si tu eres parte de el”, Francis Esclante.

El amor a veces se vuelve duro
Para que aprendamos a suavizar
Y nos demos cuenta que nada es seguro
Pero con los demás., se podrá…[keep reading].


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