Francis Escalante

Francis E. = FEATHER.

Francis – When The birds begin to fly (natural)

Francis: “This is a song of freedom within the love that makes us fly and enjoy life in and out of the walls of society ;) hope you enjoy this natural video that was made to introduce ‘When the Birds Begin to Fly” by Francis Escalante himself performing and livin:)”


En un reencuentro de viejos amigos, de Efecto Puro Francis Escalante y Daniel T. (Gravisdhi) se unen para darles a la gente una melodía tan emocional como es “Lara Lara La”.

Para el post sobre esta canción cliquea: AQUI.


This is a song i did with my bro Carlos, hope you like it! its about peace and harmony within nature and the living truth that shall enlight us and therefore join us with the whole universe and its perfect balance.,. greetings:)


La música de Francis Escalante se comienza a oír por en las calles de San Salvador. Música con identidad progresista que mezcla sonidos totalmente  innovadores.

Para ver el post sobre esta cancion CLIQUEA AQUI.


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