Sea of Miracles Poem

– Sea of Miracles –

This song emerges like any other I’ve done.. since the beginning it was intended to be simple and natural as it could., and the moment of inspiration that leads to its creation, i want to narrate as follows: “With mandolin in hand, in a soft afternoon breeze, I decide to let myself flow and be carried away by the waves of a sea that within our logical reasoning and safety consent, is understood as life., this time something makes me desire to live it like never before, as a true miracle full of mysteries, in the most intimate, most sublime, most purer way,. and in that same moment I think of my left hand, weak, innocent, useless in the eyes of a world that is based on force to “progress”.. But I raise it up because I don’t believe in what the world has told me of her anymore., raise it up because I believe its more than necessary and has a reason to exist beyond what I see and understand because I believe that its the time for the truth to give my hand a place. Slowly I keep raising my weakest hand, and by doing so I wonder: what if the world I know, in which the main protagonist is the insensitivity and force of the dominant hand, is merely the result of the complete incomprehension and utter denial of the essential brave body of the universe that keeps inviting us to use the heart to dive lively into its magnanimity through the sensibility of the “weak” hand? By doing so, I suddenly feel the truth taking my hand, and pleasantly answering all those doubts created in the vacuum of a will blinded by the miserable manifestation of uncontrolled power; and letting itself be perceived in such a mellow manner, it kept guiding me through a pure and sensible path that led me to that open place where all I gave was all I had to receive in the form of something wonderful that made me comprehend that all I had to do was let it whisper, listen and witness a change in the essence of that everything I choose to live and be. With mandolin in hand emerges Sea of Miracles, which is the expression of this blessed way that invites us not only to see life as a miracle, but to live it as such, outside the safe and logical tendency that limits us to just exist. I hope this song, with its simplicity, awakes a mutual interest to achieve awareness of the inner truth that liberates and makes us be capable of living fully as worthy sailors of the mysteries that turn everything into a beautiful sea of miracles.


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