A Sprinkle of Time – Justina V.

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Give me a sprinkle of time so I could learn to live to love, to give, to also take a little and then leave – A pinch of purple sky to gaze at night two stars that turn into the … Continue reading


Consumed in the past; how long will this last?

I need breath

I need light

I need God

Forgive my transgressions

I have sinned before Your sight

Let Your light so shine

Before the sons of men

Confused and lost

I am roaming through

I hope in the Lord

That He will pull me through

He will lead me to a breakthrough

Sunset in sight

How do you suppose that you can pass this dose?

Will you shift the stance of your pose?

Or proceed with this rebellious dance?

Seeking to go onto trance

In lustful fluctuations of flesh

Desiring to escape 

I need something fresh

A change in derangement of every sense

Corollary experiences of openness

Holy holy holy God Almighty

The only one able to save and end the crave

Cravings of the grave

How shall we continue in sin and the path of the grave?

Why do we deny the counsel of the Most High?

What is this resistance in contention?

Why is this the mark of our generation?

Why arent we seeking more revelation?

This world is raging

God’s light remains

His love still sustains

Yet the world continues to stain

Bringin the heart pain

As we face wwith disdain the coming realities due to our pursuit of things that are vain. 

Powerful waves

Currents drifting away

Sunset in sight

I need insight of the true light


Knowing of times

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The times have come, and will continue to come in the future the only constant thing is the change over time. The knowing of times is to see those changes occur in the light of eternal love, the picture looks … Continue reading


A Rest for the People of God

Child of Light Do not lose Sight For Yeshua Ha Maschiach has already come and risen to once and for all Illuminate the night thereby put on thy armor of Light and have no doubt in mind have no doubt … Continue reading


Paradise Garden

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See not the plant, but the Spirit of God in the plant, as the Almighty rests within creation God manifests through nature and living beings, moving His Spirit through them, revealing Himself to us Such joy to sit in nature … Continue reading


Hazme tu Peon

I came into being with inherent meaning blessed in human form with instrinsic truth aware the living soul takes control merging with the flow of the Infinite Jehova is selfless Immanence The Highest Essence He is my defense He is … Continue reading